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Thursday, 5 June 2014

A PAGE FROM MY OWN DIARY- She was my friend who was betrayed by her lover............

In this few years she had became a great friend of mine. We had together studied in school. We were of the same batch but we rarely talked. We had common friends but still something stopped us from talking. School days got over and we all went to different colleges. Life was moving on at its own pace. A year passed by.....and i got a friend request from her. I checked her profile, she was doing a course in mass communications from Mumbai. I checked her profile pics and must say in this one year, she had transformed herself into a beautiful girl to be ogled at.  She never used to look attractive during her school days..very dull and always looked uninterested in things happening around her.

Well we started talking, it all began with, do you remember me ?....ya i have seen you types.....and all that...slowly we started mingling up with each other well. It was a great time pass talking to her. I used to keep flirting with her and she used to be like, " I USED TO THINK THAT YOU ARE SEEDHA SAADHA, TU TO KAMINA NIKLA YAAR" And i always used to laugh on such messages of her. She thoroughly enjoyed reading my statuses and notes on face book. She loved those stories and poems i wrote and always encouraged me with positive compliments. I had started respecting her as a Human being and we always regretted," if only we could have talked during our school days, our relationship would have been so beautiful."

We started sharing our secrets, our problems with each other and then one day she told me, she was madly in love with a boy And they both are in a relation for almost an year. She was crazy for him. The way she used to talk about him, i always reacted,"oh Gosh, you love him so much." But though she was giving her 100%, the guy was not that serious. He at times never replied to her texts and as he was working in a different city, he should have took the pain to stay in touch with her through phone but he never felt the need to. There were times when she used to call me and cry for hours speaking out all the pain stored in her heart. Many a times i told her to break free from this toxic relation but she was crazy for him. Blind in his love....Mad completely. He had become her addiction. I felt helpless and i prayed nothing bad happens to her and may she get her Love. May that asshole understand how much she loves him.

Time passed by, and i got busy with my research. I lost touch with her. Until one day, she called me, i was glad to see her name on my mobile screen. I picked up the call and said ," Hey". She replied "hey IZZY". There was pain in her voice, something was wrong. I asked her, "hey whats wrong, kya hua!!!!!!! She started sobbing. I told her to be calm and asked her to tell me actually what happened, this was what she said,

My parents got a marriage proposal for me. They came to me and said, that the proposal is quite good and the guy is perfect for you. My parents were really happy and they wanted me to get married to him.  I did not know what to say but finally i gathered strength and told them everything about my relation and i told my parents, either i would marry him or i will stay unmarried. It was really painful to tell all this to my parents but i was fighting for my love. My parents were shocked after hearing this. I was surprised to see that my dad came forward and supported me. He assured me that we will talk to his parents. I was so happy. I felt proud to have parents like them. I called him to share the good news with him. But he gave a strange reaction, a reaction cold enough to hurt me. He was indifferent as if he was not bothered to marry me. He advised me to, do according to my parent's will and marry the person whom they want me to get married with. I was shocked, he shattered my hopes.....i didn't know what to do...i wanted to slap him...slap him hard.....but i could not.....i loved him so much and this is how he payed me parents do i face them...what should i do Izzy.....what should i do.....she kept asking and i didn't knew what to say...i was at a loss of words....but then i recollected myself and said Dear just hold on. This bad phase would be over soon and i ended the call.

She lost the battle of love just because she fell in love with the wrong person....
she was so pretty...she loved him so much...she never deserved this...but may be fate has something else in store for her..may be she deserves someone better.....i hope so...Love hurts but it makes people sensible too...after this incident, she has started loving her parents more.....she has started exploring herself and is determined to make a career and become an independent woman.....God bless her....


  1. Sad...but hats off to that women for respecting & fighting for love and more over to her determination to bounce back and lead her life in the right way.

    1. Yeah that's what life is all about......if she had kept crying...the world would have mocked her...