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Friday, 19 September 2014


Chotu had decided to get married as his parents had given him the option of continuing his studies or getting married. He chose the latter. At 28, you cannot study anymore. So he married a girl he selected, as he could not get a girl to marry him. I went with him to see the girl and the scene was as uncomfortable as you see in the movies. Well uncomfortable for him, but fun for me. There are actually 20 people looking at you and another 20 are held back in the adjacent room. And then the girl comes with the tea(she  actually does, it’s not a myth. More than 75% of Indian males see their wives for the first time over a tray of tea), the guy, Chotu in this case, gives a smile that cannot be replicated and the girl blushes, turning even redder than the lipstick she is wearing.
Chotu was now summoned , or called by the girl’s father and he was supposedly let alone with the girl. Alone actually meant sitting in a corner where everyone could see you and hear you. I wondered what a guy would say to a girl at such a time. I wondered what I would have asked her had I been in that place. I came up with questions that required just a shake of head.

Q.1 Are you a virgin?
Q.2 Do you expect me to be a virgin ?
Q.3 Do you want a baby ?
Q.4 Are you a non-vegetarian ?
Q.5 Are you the ‘clinging on’ types ?

I called these 5 questions to be marital bliss. Well it was not me he had to question, it was chotu and he was also asking some questions. I asked him later what he had asked and he had asked 5 questions  as well.  Question 1, 4 and 5 being the same for us. Our friendship reached a  new level that day.
That very day, Chotu told me something that he had not told anyone. He told me the reason why he had been afraid of physical intimacy for so long.  Chotu had lived in a boy’s hostel since class 4. One year after joining the school, when chotu was having a bath, his warden came inside and tried to exploit him. Luckily for Chotu, more boys entered the bathroom and the warden had to leave.


Chotu had kept this truth hidden from everyone for the past 18 years of his life and he broke down while telling this to me. I don’t  know why he told me then, may be that was something that had been holding him back and now that he was getting married, he had to tell someone.
I got a perspective on life that day. On how two minutes of your life can change your entire existence. Chotu was my best friend and he had been with us the entire time, trying out whores, making sexual jokes and all but deep within, he was shit scared.


Thursday, 18 September 2014


Well  the story of shweta basu reveals the ugly face of the entertainment industry. It adds a new chapter to the already thick book filled with stories of woman exploitation in our country. Casting couch exists in bollywood and that is a bitter truth. But what was shocking is the approach of Indian media towards the whole issue. I am not here to defend her because what she did is wrong and no girl of good character would do that but I cannot be too judge mental because I am not in her shoes. I don’t know what consequences lead her to do that so would avoid speaking too much on it. So coming back to the whole topic, “ Approach of Indian media towards it”.  Ok fine….you caught a national award winner indulged in a sex racket…fine ok…you made it a national issue..thats also ok. You caught her having sex with someone. Very fine…you went ahead and exposed her…again its ok but the question is Sex involves atleast two persons and you exposed only one. Where is her partner in crime…who was he and what is his identity. You didn’t expose him. Please no gender discrimination in exposing criminals. Hats off to the indian public who actually raised their voice against this discrimination showed by The Indian media. Okay may be that Man bribed the police to hide his identity but did he bribe the media too. Why was the police not targeted to hide facts in such a high profile case.

Shweta Basu Prasad is a National Award winner. I will not believe that she landed in a mess of her own accord. I feel she was systematically pushed over the edge by people who refused to look beyond her skin.

The electronic media too is a joke. I read somewhere that they did a sting operation on her. C’mon guys, you know of many ‘big’ names doing such things. Why don’t you stand up to someone your size? Not only your TRPs, but even respect for you will go up a hundred fold. Common if you have the balls,” KARKE BATAO”…. Expose all the biggies involved in this racket and we the public would give you a standing ovation. Well Truth is stranger than fiction….what looks beautiful at times from outside is very ugly within. Just like Graveyards that look beautiful from outside but contain ugly dead bodies beneath them. Same is the case of our entertainment industry….

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Like you all, i too dream and i dream a lot. There are several things that i wish to do in life. Too many things.....But Life is here are the top ten things i want to do before i breathe my last:-

1. I wish to learn Guitar, violin and flute and singing

Playing a guitar and singing out your hand written poetry would be so much fun. Music is something that always attracts me towards itself. Its such a stress buster. Even though People do compliment me that i have a good voice and i do make guest appearances in the choir of my church but there has never been a continuity. So you can say i sing well..if not well...i am not that bad....people can tolerate my just needs some polishing. And i wish to learn all this 3 instruments just because they fascinate me and the music that comes out of them is so magical. 

2. I Wish to learn Martial arts

I want to learn it because i am a violent person and i lose my cool very easily. I vent my anger either by breaking things around me or by doing excessive Jogging  or by shouting at people. Many a times it harms my dear ones and i have faced severe consequences for it. People who are well versed in martial arts say its a good way of controlling anger as it brings out the anger in you and channelizes it in a proper way and of course i am a big fan of  Bruce lee, Jackie chan, Akshay kumar and Vidyut jamwal.

3. I wish to climb a mountain and drink tea over there, on the top of it.

Who doesn't want to conquer a mountain. Climbing it doing all the hard work and then reaching the top would be so much fun. And then drinking Tea over there would be like cherry on the cake....HE HE HE HE...

4. I wish to dive deep into the sea.

Wowww...Thinking of it gives me goosebumps. It would be so wonderful to swim within the sea seeing all sorts of aquatic life around you. The ocean is a beautiful world in itself and i wish to explore the beauty of it.

5. I wish to jump from a mountain, a helicopter a tall building...a high jump perhaps and land safely on earth.

It would be fun...That adrenaline rush...when you jump and fall so fast down to earth as gravity of earth attracts you towards itself...wowww...i just want to experience that it feels...flying in the air for a diving...yipeeee

6. I wish to write books.

Storytelling comes naturally to me. I am a great story teller and i wish to tell some stories to the whole world. I wish to write books and want to see them get published.

7. I wish to Direct a movie.

I wish to make a movie....May be on a story that has deeply touched my heart and if  i want to tell it on a bigger canvas...i would surely make it into a movie and movie making is surely interesting. It would have an essence of romance for sure.....and more over...i can get an opportunity to date a beautiful actress.....he he he he...

8. I wish to roam around the world, meet different people, experience different cultures and taste different foods.

Now this is something we all wish to do. Who wants to get stuck at the same place for years. I want to travel....move people...have new experiences....and eat different foods......My first priority would be to explore India and then i will set my eyes to conquer the world.

9. Open an NGO for the hungry and unfortunate people around me.

If God has blessed me, i would surely share my blessings with the unfortunate around me. Its my duty towards the society. My first priority would be to provide food to the hungry because i believe two times meal every day is the basic right of each human being born on earth.

10. I wish to visit a buddhist monastery and spend some time living as a buddhist monk.

Christianity is what i follow....and i love my religion but i have an attraction towards buddhism...its such a peace loving religion...There is so much piece in it.....and Buddhist monks...woww i just love their look...shaved heads..simple clothing and peace glowing on their faces. I want to be one..and moreover it would be give me so much time to meditate and discover inner soul.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I am a big fan of Deepika padukone,Her dimples,her acting and that sexy voice she has....wowww marvellous. The character she played in Cocktail "Veronica" is still fresh in my mind. Well i do agree with Deepika padukone  when she vented her anger on Times of India as she said "Yes i am a woman, i have a breasts and a cleavage! You got a problem?". I must actually applaud this woman for having the guts to kick the balls of a leading newspaper," The times of india". This incident exposes the hypocrisy of Indian media. They talk about women empowerment and parallel to that they keep exposing their cleavages too. Its so funny isn't it. We all are at times the same like the indian media, we talk of great things, of great manners, of great culture but at the same time in a dark room when no one is around we watch porn...isn't it. But then its ok, we restrict the beast in ourselves to four corners of our room. 
Its very difficult to control the overflowing lust in us. Its quite difficult to avoid gaping at the voluptuous breast of a woman. Its quite difficult to stop gazing at the perfect figure of a woman, for woman is the most beautiful creation of God. So what should be done, what is the solution. We all should never forget that we are Human beings after all and one must keep his animal instincts under control. Like a dog you cannot move around with a thirsty penis ready to fuck any Bitch that comes your way. Why can't we men channelize our thoughts in a proper way. What is the need to be cheap and vulgar all the time. I know we are a sex obsessed society but there is a thin line that should not be crossed. Why can't we be polite and decent with the women around us. A beautiful woman should not be teased but should be complimented. We men need to be more decent, more poetic in our approach. When we stare at them, it should no make them feel uncomfortable but they should actually feel proud of themselves. Our obsessions should not become a trouble for others. Today you rape a woman, tomorrow the law will rape you. if not the law, surely karma will.
I don't say Deepika padukone is always right and Times of India is not a good newspaper but this time Deepika wins the battle because she is morally correct. HATS OFF DEEPIKA...LOTS OF LOVE FROM IZZY...Well Times of india...hope you have learn your lesson that not to mess with an empowered woman.

Monday, 15 September 2014


I believe there are different stages to a man's relation with cricket:

Stage 1: 0-6 years

You take a plastic bat  with you wherever you go and ask someone older to play with you. You only want to bat. Fielding and bowling is considered for losers or for older people.

You are 6, obviously you are not good, so you start crying the moment you get out and convince the one playing with you that it was a no ball.

Stage 2: 6-16 years

In this period you start dreaming of becoming India's next Sachin tendulkar. When you should be actually be dreaming of girls, you think of hitting the last ball for a six and winning the match for your team and give Javed miandad a fitting reply for what he did in sharjah.

You don't roam around with a bat but even while walking with your mom to the grocery shop, you keep on practicing your strokes assuming your hand to be a bat.

You start playing with other kids of your age, and now cheating when you are out becomes a bit difficult. In the latter part, you are branded as a bowler or a batsman though deep within your heart, you still consider yourself to be an all-rounder.

Gradually you start playing with a proper ball.When it hits you there for the first time, you experience what real pain is. This is the stage you hear dialogues like-" It's my bat, i will bat first."

Fielding is still for losers.

Stage 3: 16-18 years

This is the stage when your dreams are shattered , you are told that this two years are the most crucial years of your life and if you study hard you will have a brilliant future (You get to hear the same lines many times again in the future)

The posters of sachin are replaced by that of Deepika padukone.

Stage 4: Lets call this stage the college period

1st year: The passion of cricket is reignited and you are willing to play in the sweltering heat in the big ground. Sachin is back on your wall, though deepika padukone is still occupying most of it

2nd year: The passion is still there, but fatigue has rubbed on it somewhat and you restrict yourself to playing on basketball court.

3rd year: Fatigue gets in completely and you are seen playing cricket in the corridors of your room.

Post graduation : EA sports releases a new version of cricket for the computer, so your love for cricket is revived  and your passion is confined to your room.

Stage 5: After college

Cricket is restricted to television, and you think to yourself that it is good that you did not spend time playing the game, after all, only 11 make into the field. The mind always has its excuses. It always does.

Stage 6: When you become a father

Well, you know start bowling for your son...Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

Sunday, 14 September 2014


First they meet, 
They become friends,
There is attraction.....sparks fly........and slowly they find some reasons to fall in love....they fall in love.....they fall deeper.....they date...hang around.....spend some great moments...Promise each other that they will not leave each other......They share some memorable are clicked...both of them are so much into each other....they smile....they cry...they laugh...they fight.....They are both so very much obsessed with each other..thinking about each other all the time...24*7 .......and all who see them think....they are made for each other......but as days pass....they start fighting more....finding flaws in each other....they fight....hurt each other....she hangs out with someone else....and he shouts at her......she blocks him on fb......and asks him to give her space.....she says give her some time....lets focus on our career......the spacing drama continues for a while...they drift apart...she stops receiving his calls and ultimately they meet one day.....and she decides to break up.........BREAKUP.....

I mean like wowwww........all those moments spent together gone waste....there was so much of emotions much of time invested....all gone waste....Whats the use......they promised each other....they won't leave.....It was the girl who always said," never leave me" but ultimately she leaves the boy...why so...can't things be sorted out.....Those reasons due to which you fell in love at the place.....were they not enough to keep you together.......someone shouts at you.....someone screams at you and you decide to leave...why the end up losing a lose someone who was an integral part of your life and your left with sour bitter memories that will keep irritating you for the rest of your lives....

what happens next ?

The boy finds a new girl...
the girl finds a new boy....
and the same procedure is repeated.......AMEN....and at the end they marry someone of their parent's is such a joke.....

Friday, 12 September 2014


Looking back, when i was young i was prepared by the society that if i study well, i would get good marks in board exams, everything would then be great. After that i was prepared to study well to get through some good college, after that i was prepared to study to get a good job, then good business school, then good job again. At the end of each task was always this assurance by society that life would fall in place after doing that. But it never did. Even after college, i was prepared by the society to have a better future but that future never came. I know this is not a very progressive thought but i never wanted to be the next Einstein, I was happy as the Prashant world would soon forget.


Looking back i really don't know why we cared for the future that much, i mean, why did we not leave our jobs and do what we wanted( I even knew what i wanted, i just wanted to be with my son). We had earned enough money to keep ourselves going from the rest of our lives, but we continued on the same path of wanting more. Societal pressure again i guess.

 My social life was now restricted to office parties which were very boring. Imagine working at a place with people you don't really like because you have to compete with them, then partying with them at night and trying to have a good time. Just didn't work out right.

My son was 8 now, yes so quickly, and i had missed him growing up. I was now in a very senior position at work where i actually had more time to myself, had time to be with my son, with my wife. But life is weird isn't it. My son was not really close to me as he had hardly seen me. He now had his group of friends and preferred playing with them rather than with me. Teena was still the same though She still adored me the same way she did when we got married. I remember how i had to marry a girl i didn't love and had to leave the girl i loved. Teena was not the girl, i loved. 

You know people say that if you stay with a person for long enough, you do start loving them.I guess i did start loving her, infact i loved her a lot more i could imagine. Love is not what i used to think about in my teen days. It's not waiting for a 'hi' or wearing the same shirt she complimented you on or when you see her everywhere, or growing crazy or smiling for no reason or looking at your phone hoping it would ring. It's when you want to be with each other, even if none of the above thing happens.