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Friday, 24 April 2015


GOD has gifted Mothers a boon that even if she gets wounded, she could still feed her hungry children.

In the outskirts of an old city, three people seated on a bike were going somewhere. Ajay, Ashok and Lakshmi, in the lap of Lakshmi was her one year old son. As they were speeding to their destination, their journey came to a miserable halt as an over speeding car hit them. All four of them Ajay, Ashok, Lakshmi and her child all four of them fell far apart from each other. Ajay and Ashok died on the spot, Lakshmi and her child fell at a nearby terrain. Her child started crying and hugged his mother tightly. Lakshmi was hurt badly, her head was bleeding and her back was injured, making her impossible to get up. Before her eyes she felt as if the whole sky was about to fall on her, she could hear her child crying.  Even though she was badly injured she opened the buttons of her blouse and fed her hungry child to quench his thirst and hunger. She felt unconscious after that but her son still under fear hugged her tightly feeling safe near her, feeling safe in the arms of her mother.

Thursday, 23 April 2015



I’m voting for Arunima Sinha, Bhakti sharma, Rufus d souza, Manju devi, Satender sharma, Geeta phogat #WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help him/her get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


 In April 2011, Arunima Sinha, a national level volleyball player, was thrown out of a running train by robbers who were after her gold chain. Her left leg crushed by the passing trains had to be amputated. This did not stop her from dreaming the impossible, on May 21, 2013, she became one of the few to climb Mount Everest.

Bhakti is the youngest female swimmer in the world to swim in 5 oceans (Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic) and 7 seas. Coming from the desert state, Rajasthan (India), pursuing the audacious dream of open water swimming has never been a cake walk. She has practiced in lakes, rivers and swimming tubs in her bid to be the best in the world. Today she has proven her Will of Steel by doing what very few others have managed to do and is clearly an inspiration to all like her.

A bachelor man, aged 84-years, highly committed in training young boys to become better footballers, living in Fort Kochi, Kerala. Destiny never favored Rufus. He was sent a telegram in 1954 to return home while he was attending a selection trail for Mohammedan Sporting Club Calcutta. He was responsible for taking care of his ailing parents and his younger brother who had down -syndrome. For the past 42 years he has been training young kids at the parade ground, Fort Kochi. His motivation is what pushes these kids to get the best out of themselves on and even off the field. Stories of his methods have spread far and wide and his ways have helped many realise their true dreams.

In a country where deep-rooted patriarchy persists and the woman's roles are still largely seen as home-makers and child bearers, one rural Indian woman is defying the odds. Widowed a year ago and with three children to support, 30-year-old villager Manju Devi left her drought stricken village to work among 200 men as a porter or “coolie” at Jaipur city’s railway station.

At the age of 13, Satender Sharma was forced to leave home because of his abusive father. On the streets of New Delhi, he scavenged for a life between sex trafficking, drug abuse and child labour. After years of struggle, he found solace in the Salaam Baalak Today, he has grown up to become a citizen who instead of chasing success has dedicated his life to bettering the lives of thousands of street children like himself. He believes that no one deserves to go through what he had.

Geeta Phogat's story is no less than that of an underdog movie. She pursued a male dominated sport like wrestling in a male dominated society like Haryana. Despite the lack of belief from her community, Geeta worked hard to become the best she could ever be. She proved that she was the best by winning a gold at the Commonwealth games. This medal did much more than bring her to the limelight. It transformed how women were looked at in her community. Geeta Phogat is an inspiration like no other. She personifies having a Will Of Steel.


This stories of men and women who against all odds overcome the obstacles that life threw at them is so inspiring. My sufferings look so small before what they suffered, life had been so cruel to them but still they emerged victorious.  They never complained instead trusted themselves and came out with flying colors. Nothing can stop a person with a strong determination, the one who possess a will of steel, success will surely kiss their destiny one day.

I voted for Arunima sinha for she came out of that episode of horror to make her own movie of success and glory. Even though she lost her left leg because of a cruel incident that happened to her, her will to walk didn’t deter, she kept walking and this woman who possessed a will of steel became one of those few dare devils to conquer the Mount Everest. The highest peak on this earth was conquered by this lady who had lost one of her legs in a horrific incident.  Kudos to this great woman who despite losing a limb conquered the highest peak of challenge!!!!!!!!!!

I voted for Bhakti Sharma for at a young age as she jumped into the ocean of challenges, she crossed every ocean of despair, every sea that looked impossible to cross with her will of steel. Coming from the deserts of rajasthan her affinity towards water bodies is quite natural but to be the youngest swimmer to swim in 5 oceans and 7 seas needs hard work, determination, perseverance and a will as strong as steel. Kudos young lady!!!!!!!!!!!

I voted for Rufus D Souza because though destiny spoiled his dreams to be a footballer, he challenged his destiny by raising an army of boys who either became footballers or are potential footballers of future. A man who had to put aside his dreams to take care of his ailing parents and a young brother who was suffering from down syndrome, how painful his life would have been, how many times he must have burned himself in mental agony but depression and anxiety never overtook him, even though he could never fulfill his dreams but  he now has become an architect to shape the dreams of young kids who aspire to be footballers by training them at fort kochi. His motivation and training methods help the kids get the best out of them. kudos Rufus d souza…Football needs men like you….Society needs men like you…India needs men like you…who though themselves suffered in their lives but are giving hope to others.

I voted for Manju devi because she instead of accepting her destiny as it came upon her decided to change it. In a society dominated by men, this woman who was widowed a year ago and has three kids to support took the bold decision  of leaving her drought striken village to work as a porter at jaipur railway station. In a society where woman cannot take their own decisions, live their own life according to their wish, this brave lady took this brave decision to feed her children so that they don’t die of hunger. She overcome all hurdles in her way through will as strong as steel. Kudos!!!!!! brave woman…society needs more women like you who too possess a will of steel like you.

I voted for Satender Sharma because his story touched my heart, I was deeply moved by his story . he had to leave his house at the age of 13 because of his abusive father. He had to lead his teen life fearing fears of street life like sex trafficking, drug abuse and child labour. Life was hell for him until he found solace in an orphanage. Now that he has grown up to be a responsible citizen of Mother India, he has dedicated his life for the cause of street children. He lives each day to make a difference in the life of this poor kids, for he wants no one to go through what he went through.  A man full of mercy and compassion, he could have easily found a job and lead a normal life chasing success for the rest of his life but he chose the road less taken, he decided to live for those who live a life worse than death. Only a man who has a will strong as steel could take a decision like this, kudos!!!!!!!!!!!! Young man….the society needs men like you…we need more mercy….more compassion….God bless you.

I voted for Geeta phogat because her story is no less than an inspiration. A girl in a male dominated society takes up a male dominated sport and wins a gold in it….wow!.  Geeta phoghat wrestled her way through all odds, defeating all hurdles that came her way, her dear ones never had belief in her but she worked hard to be the best and went on to the win a gold medal at commonwealth games.  What makes her achievement more sweeter is that it has changed the way people look at women. Now no one doubts the ability of a woman, now women can also dream in Haryana, they too can dream big. A perfect example of women empowerment…isn’t it. It was her strong determination and will as strong as steel that made her get up everytime some one pushed her down to wrestle her way to success. Kudos Geeta phogat..India needs fighters like you. Keep up the fighting spirit.

Like i voted for them, you too vote for them to make them the Will of steel achievers.

When I read this stories, they made me cry and they made me realize that my sufferings are so less but still I have so much to complain. They all suffered so much in their lives, so much more than me,  someone lost their limb, someone lost their precious teen years. Someone had to sacrifice his dream, someone had to fight the whole society to accomplish their dreams but still rather than complaining they worked hard and overcome all these hurdles to become winners in life. Someone has rightly said, its your attitude that decides how far you will go in life. One can change their destiny by working hard without losing hope on oneself, you have to keep moving no matter how many times you fall down. This kind of attitude comes when you have the strong will power to do something, a strong will power to accomplish your goals. You must have a will power as strong as steel, unbreakable, unshakable. No amount of negativity, no matter how hard life becomes, no matter if people make fun of you, no matter if people criticize you, you must keep doing what you want to do until you get what you desire . You must  keep walking until you reach your destination .  Complain less and work more and be the change you want to see in this world. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Life is a journey not a destination where you keep travelling seeing different places, experiencing the beauty and ugliness of life. Sometimes your life comes to a halt at various stations where you have to stop, get down and wait for the next train. Every station has a waiting room where people wait for till their concerned train arrives on a platform. A place where you are stuck ready to get out of it as soon as possible, a place where you are never at peace with yourself for the thought of reaching the destination keeps haunting you.

The journey of my life has reached a halt, I sit here in a waiting room as I wait for my next train. Hours have turned into days, days have turned into months but my wait is not over yet. I sit here tired of waiting, but still hopeful. Waiting is the most tiring thing to do, it kills you every moment with hope and despair. Every time I hear the whistling of a train, I jump with excitement that yes!!!!!!!! This must me my train but everytime my excitement goes in vain and my happiness is trampled on the rails. Months of wait have made me weak, I have lost myself in this months, my clothes have started stinking and no one comes near me. I hate myself, my very own self, For I have a heavy luggage of hopes and dreams and I have a long way to go. I have not lost my hope yet, I have not lost my faith yet, I still believe in my dreams and I know I will reach somewhere one day, for I need to walk, I need to keep moving. I know if not today but one day surely my train to success will arrive on the platform of aspirations and it will take me to a place far away where people would love me, where people would welcome me, where I would be a legend, a great man and once again I will restart my journey called life as a new man with my head held high in pride. 


Ayan was studying in class 5 in a convent school. As always, Ayan was getting ready to go to school, as always his mother had forced him to wake up and he always hated it as he never got enough sleep. But he loved it as he got to meet his friends every day, studies never interested him but the fact that he got to meet his friends, sit with them , play with them always excited him. It was so much fun.

He got ready and stepped out of the house, bidding good bye to his mom, he started walking to the bus stop. The bus stop was quite near to his house, he had to cross the road in front of his house and walk  a mere 100 metres. His bus would come in around 5 minutes, till the time he left house and got into the bus, his mother would stand at the door step of their house watching him, once he got into the house, she would close the door and began her daily chores.

Ayan was about to reach the bus stop when some stray dogs started following him, ayan  feared they may bite him and started walking fast.The dogs started barking at him, ayan didn’t know what to do and then sudden ly heard his mother calling him, son,” beta don’t run, don’t fear, stay there, I am coming”.His mother started running towards him, the dogs were barking , clinking their teeth. Ayan saw his mother coming towards him, his mother was constantly telling him to stay there but fear took over him and he ran towards his mother.The dogs ran after him and that very moment, a bus coming from the right at a fast pace hit him, crushing him to death. His mother ran towards him but it was too late, Her son breathe his last before she reached the spot. Blood was spilled all  over the place  and everything looked so scary . She took his dead body into her arms and stared at his beloved son who was alive just some few moments ago.In a moment, her world was set upside down. All this looked like a nightmare to her,ayan is not dead, he will come back and play with me again. He is not dead, she thought.

Meanwhile the driver who was riding the bus fled the spot and the angry crowd set the bus  on fire.

Whose mistake was it, why did the accident take place, did ayan deserve a death like this,
Surely the bus driver would have never wanted to kill an innocent child like this, he was doing his job when suddenly a kid came in between, though he pressed the breaks but it was too late and the bus had hit the child…his bad luck..he will be called a  murderer now…..for the rest of his life….
a mother lost her child ….lots of dreams were lost that day..lots of hopes were shattered that day….whom do we put the blame on….i don’t know…life is so cruel at times…

What I can learn from this incident is to cherish my dear ones, to love them as much as possible…you never know when the last good bye would be…...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


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It was 11.50 showing on the clock and I was really tired as I had a busy day,  my whole body was aching and I needed some rest. I wanted to sleep, I just wanted to lie down.  I finished my work and switched off my laptop, put my mobile aside and jumped on my bed.  My eyes were closing and my mind had opened the doors for dreams to come in. 10 minutes had gone by when I heard the ringtone of my phone, I ignored it, it was a long miscall, who would call me at this time, I wondered. I ignored it and decided to sleep, that’s when my dad came to my room asking me who had called me at this time of the night. He was reading the bible in the hall and asked me to keep the phone in silent mode as it disturbs him. My sleep was gone by now, I cursed the person who called me at this time of the night, I took my phone and checked the name of the devil, it was Ribin. My dear bro, my friend why would he call me at this time of the night ?. I checked my whatsapp and I saw 4 unread messages from him.

It said,
Need help…
U der..
Its urgent…
I replied back,” you ass, what is it that you want at this time of the night, go and sleep and let me sleep too, will talk in the morning”.
He replied back and said, bro its urgent , I need to talk”
I sensed something was serious, so agreed and said, “ yes man what’s the matter”.
He said,” Riya broke up with me”.
I was shocked and the ground below had a minor earthquake, I texted him back, “ what are you saying bro, how did this happen”.
He said,” I don’t know bro, for past 4 months she was behaving weirdly, avoiding me, ignoring my texts, making excuses of not meeting me , I confronted her today and we had a big fight, she called me a loser bro, she said I had no future and she cannot get committed with such a person, her words bro….her words still echo …she asked me to get lost from her life…i just walked away from their ashamed and broken, I had nothing to say to her. I am lost..i am destroyed. Tell me bro what should I do”.
I was disturbed by what he said and felt angry and sad, as my heart was giving mixed reactions. I didn’t know what to say to him, as the wound was still fresh and no amount of ointment could ease the pain.
So I consoled him,” calm down bro, we will surely find  a way, I can understand how you are feeling right now but then you have to face it man”.
He texted me back, “ bro I need a job, I need a job …you have so many links…can you get a job for me”
I said,” yeah man, I will do that for you..i will try..will talk to people..will let you know”.
He said,” ok bro…then good night”
His talks depressed me, I felt really sad  for him, I knew there were hard times ahead.
My mind was quite exhausted by now, so keeping this depressive thoughts aside, I went to sleep, a good sleep would make me feel better.
In the morning I woke up, did my daily chores, got ready for college , once I was free, I texted Ribin, “ hey bro, good morning…how’s you now, ok”.
He texted me back in no time, “ bro, did you talk to someone for my job”.
I got irritated on his stupidity and replied him,” I told you, I need some time, you don’t get a job overnight”.
He said,” ok, but please do it as soon as possible”.
I said, “ yeah ok, well listen, I am coming to meet you, get ready”.
He texted back,” no bro, sorry, I am in no mood to meet anyone,  no offense but I am not in a mood to meet anyone”.
I felt bad for him, really bad and understood that how he must be feeling.
He then texted further, “ I am destroyed bro, I feel like why am I living this shitty life”.
When I read this text, I sensed something was wrong and my heart said I should go and meet him but then my brain said, live him at his will, he will be fine and he has told you to stay away, why bother?”.
I started my bike and was on the way to college, when again my heart said, that go, meet him, he needs you, don’t be a selfish brat”.
As I was moving ahead, there came a point where the road was divided into two, the left one lead to my college, the right one lead to my friend’s house.
I took the right turn and speeded my way to Ribin’s house.
I reached there and rang the bell, he came out after I had pressed the bell the third time.
He was quite surprised to see me at his door.
He taunted me, so bro, you would never listen na”.
I said, “ I just wished to see you”
He said, “ ok come in”.

As I went into his room, his room was filled with the strong smell of burning cigarette, an ash tray was lying on his desk and I saw numerous pieces of burned cigarette. It was a painful sight to see him smoking, for he had left smoking a year ago. Now he was back to his old ways. I asked him, “ I thought you had left smoking”. He said,” ya I had, but now that she is gone, I just want to burn her memories and blow them in the sky. I felt pity for him, I had nothing to say, I know it was of no use. I sat there silently, he sat in front of him. He blurted out, life is so shitty bro and as he was saying this, I saw some cuts on his wrist. I grew suspicious and asked him, from where did you get those cuts from. He said, “ ohh that, I tried to cut my wrists but see I cannot even do that properly, I just wanted her sympathy, so send her a pic of my bruised wrist but she hated me more after I did that”. What he said made me angry, very angry and I slapped him hard and shouted at him, have you decided to remain an idiot for the rest of your life, you ass or have you decided to keep licking her heels for your whole life. He started crying, I know nothing, what I know is I love her and I love her a lot. I said, you sure that you love her. He said, yes I do.
I said, if you do, then just let her go, she does not want to be with you, if you want her to be happy, just let her go man. Don’t stalk her.

When he heard what I said, he broke into tears, I cannot…she is just into me very much..i cannot separate her from me….her, her memories, her photos, those moments spend with her, they all torture me so much…
I hugged him and said, yes I know its difficult, but you have to, there is no other way, have some self esteem, wake up please for God sake, be a man”
He said,” I will try bro, I will try”.
I said,” I know how hard it must be for you, but you have to face it, there will be times when you would feel lonely, there would be times when you would just break down but hard times shall pass away because they have to, life is like that man, you just need to hold on”.
He was nodding on everything what I said
I said further, and for heaven sake, stop texting her, stop following her, stop stalking her, there are better things to do in life, try them life is too big bro, experience it. you surely will get a better girl who will love you with all her heart, body and soul”.
At this he reacted, I want no one now, I want to stay alone for the rest of my life.
I laughed at what he said, as you wish, now cheer up, we are going out now.
He said, no need, I am not going anywhere”.
I asked him in a proper way, you coming or shall I give you a kick.
He nodded “ok whatever you say, but where are we going.”
I said,” bar, toddy bar….we are going to celebrate your breakup.”
He laughed and hugged me, love you bro….you are the best.
I called all the members of our boys gang, biby, anish, jerry, robin, jophy and asked them to join us.

My small gesture cheered him up, whole afternoon and evening..i spend with him laughing and cheering him up. I bunked my college that day, he was laughing again and i Thank God for that, I followed what my heart said and I don’t regret it now. Taking the right turn was the right decision.

Monday, 13 April 2015


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My Mother is a shy woman like very shy to express her desires, very timid to say what she exactly wants.  She would wake up early in the morning and wake us all up, there would be morning tea ready for us, she would then prepare breakfast for all of us, that is for herself , me, my sister and my father  and then  would leave for office. From 8 am to 5 pm she would be at her office working for us,  sitting in front of the computer continuously for hours. Then she would come back home, rest for a while and get busy with the household chores. Once she enters into the kitchen, she wouldn't come out unless the dinner is made.  She would be free by around 9 to 10 pm and once she is done, she would ask all of us to gather for the family prayer. Then we all would have dinner together watching TV. From the time when I was 5 years old, I have seen my mother follow the same routine , working hard, praying for us, sacrificing her wishes for her family. I never saw her buy a saree for herself or a piece of jewellery for her ownself, everytime I asked her,” amme how come you never buy sarees but still your almirah never goes empty, always filled with shiny and beautiful sarees of different colors”. She would say, “ son, I never felt a need to buy a saree for myself, your dad, your granny, my mother, my sisters, my brothers they keep gifting me sarees, so I never needed any, my dear ones are enough to fulfill my needs”.  I was speechless and in my heart, I thanked all of them who take care of my mother. She has always been caring and loving to all of us and always kept our needs, our wishes above her desires.

One day while going through my news feed, I saw few photos which were uploaded by my friend of mine. Those snaps were taken during his mother’s 42nd birthday.  Their family looked quite happy, the pic showed he, his brother, his dad and his mother smiling, feeding pieces of cake to each other, there was so much love, there was so much fun. After peeping into those birthday snaps, I wondered we never celebrated the birthday of the most important lady of our family-My Mother. I wondered why it never happened, such a beautiful occasion passed by for so many years and no one noticed it. I celebrated my birthday every year without ever missing it and my mother would be like never even bothered to tell us, that yes its my birthday today, wake up kids lets celebrate. That never happened, so this time I thought of celebrating the day my mother came on this earth. She is not going to do that, I knew it  because I am her son and have been living with her for the past 20 years, when it comes to herself, her happiness she is very lazy to do something about it. She has become addicted to this monotonous life and if anyone tries to change it, he or she has to face her inertia. Today is 9th of march and her birthday falls on 28th march and she would be turning 44 this year, I decided that this time I would surprise her with cakes and chocolates. I included my sister in my plan and she said she would buy chocolates, so I was left with the job of buying cake and candles.  We shared our plan with dad and he too got involved, he decided that now that chocolates and cake are already booked, he would buy the birthday gift for his wife. After a lot of discussion, we decided we would buy her a pair of sandals.

All three of us eagerly waited for the day when we would surprise our lady with gifts of happiness, when she would least expect it.  After 19 days came the day when the plan had to be executed, now was time for some action, enough of rehearsing had been done.  It was decided that no would wish her in the morning and all will act as if it’s a normal day as we do every year unknowingly and this time for a change, we would do it knowingly. Like every other day, my mother did her duties on time and left for office. I had took a leave from my college, my sister would be back by 1.30 and dad would take a half day from his office. I had ordered the cake and as my mother would be back by 4, I had asked them to deliver the cake by 3 pm, so that the cake doesn’t lose its aroma. My Sister decorated the house with balloons and on the wall of the hall, it was written HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GUARDIAN ANGEL OF OUR FAMILY.  Dad cooked payasam for the occasion (payasam is a sweet pudding eaten during special occasions).  My dad is an awesome cook and as I smelled the aroma that was filled in the whole house, I knew payasam made by dad would be another sweet gift for my mother.

The clock struck 3 but the cake had not arrived yet, I called them and they said, the delivery boy was on the way and the cake would be delivered in 5 minutes. I told them to do it fast and disconnected the call, as soon as I kept the phone, there was a knock on the door, I opened the door and I felt relieved that the delivery boy had arrived, finally the cake had come.  We all smiled with happiness, the day was going as per our plan, My sister had bought a dairy milk silk and Cadbury celebrations, my dad had bought a pair of sandals , the room was decorated, payasam was ready. Everything was ready and now we all waited for our dear lady, as the clock struck 4, our hearts pumped blood with excitement . We waited for her and the clock showed that time was 4.30 now, irritation took the place of excitement. Wait is a tiring thing to do, it kills all the excitement in you, as per the plan we were not to call her, so we waited  and the clock now showed 5 pm. 

Our souls were running out of patience, so I finally decided to break the rule and call mom and ask her where about's.  As I dialed her number, there was a knock on the door, I knew it was mom!!!!!! Yes she had arrived finally. Me and my sister jumped in happiness, as father proceeded to open the door. He opened the door and saw his wife who was extremely tired standing outside, he asked her to come in, mom was surprised to see him so early and asked him, “ hey you came a bit too early from office, had no work”. My dad looked at us and we looked at him, together we all looked at mom and screamed “happy birthday to the most beautiful woman on earth “. She stood their stunned, speechless had no idea what to say, her face was expressionless and that was really cute. We all laughed at her as she looked happily embarrassed, we all ran towards her and hugged her,giving a peck on her cheeks. She blushed and gave us all a hug, there were tears in her eyes as she saw the message on the wall,” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GUARDIAN ANGEL OF OUR FAMILY”. We all took her to the dining table where cake was kept, on the black forest cake was written,” HAPPY BIRTHDAY O DEAR FAIRY”. She laughed reading the message on the cake and pinched my cheeks, she took the knife and as we started singing the universal birthday song, she dissected the cake and took the first piece and gave it to dad, he took a small munch and gave it back to my mother,  and I captured that beautiful moment. Then came my sister for whom mom cut a small piece and poured all her love as she put that little piece of cake in my sis’s mouth. I captured that beautiful moment and next  came me, I gave the camera to dad and as mother put that yummy black forest in my mouth, my dad saved that beautiful moment in my camera. My sister then went and opened the fridge and took out her treasure of chocolates and presented it to mother. Mother was surprised and thanked her and like always she said, it was not needed, thou we all  knew she love chocolates. The biggest surprise was yet to be revealed as Dad gifted her a pair of beautiful sandals. She looked so happy and in that lovely moment hugged my dad, I and sis passed a smile to each other as we witnessed this glorious moment. I had never seen my dad and mom hugging each other or kissing each other or showering love at each other, they rarely showed affection  to each other  though they cared for each other a lot. For me that was indeed a novel moment. I didn’t capture it because some moments don’t need to be clicked, they remained hitched in our hearts till the last breathe of our life.

For dinner, Dad had cooked his special spicy chicken curry, we all relished it to core. As the dinner was over we together enjoyed eating payasam,  I noticed my mother was smiling, yes she was and something was very special about that smile, a smile which oozed immense happiness. I had seen her happy after a long time, the hard times and that monotonous routine had made wrinkles on her face, I hope this night, some of them will vanish away, for her smile was a broad one. Her happiness was a real one. I was proud of myself, yes I was and I was happy to see my family so happy together. My mother is an integral part of my heart and I followed what my heart said, to make my mother feel special because of whom I came into this world.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Sometimes the worst years of our lives are our teen years, those years that we spend while growing up facing the internal changes in our mind, body and soul. The bad part of our teen life is that those things which would pass with time seem permanent; it can be a casual affair or troubles that you have to face in those days. Teens are vulnerable to problems that come their way; they get depressed very soon and lose hope quickly.

This is the story of 16 year old Leena who was yet another example of being a victim of a failed relationship during her teenage. She was madly in love with a guy and their relation was in existence for two years. In those two years they had shared so many roses, teddy bears, promises, moments of love, moments of intimacy, kisses and hugs.  They were so happy together, Leena was happy with him dreaming about a future together.  Only to realize that her high hopes will come crashing down one day & her dreams would be shattered one day.
The guy who gave her so many promises left her, rejected her for he was finally bored of her and needed new flesh. His promises were false, his love was fake. She broke down, depressed and rejected, she hated herself, hated her body, her soul. She felt as if the whole world is laughing at her, she felt she was worthless and no one loved her. Her Father and Mother were busy in their own lives, either fighting with each other or working day and night to secure her future. She had no one to talk to. She felt terribly lonely until one day she decided to step out, kill herself rather than live a life of loneliness and misery. She climbed over the railing of a pedestrian bridge, she prepared herself to take the leap towards death and finish the ordeal for once. At that point, a 25 year old guy named Anoop who was passing by decided to get involved.

Even though he had never seen the girl before, even though he had no idea about her problems, he followed her to the railing and did the only thing he could: He listened. He listened while this random 16 year old girl described her life, how her life had fallen into the grave before time, he listened as she listed those endless troubles tearing her life, her failed relationship, her constantly fighting parents, she lamented about how no one loved her, she cried, cried and cried a lot until Anoop showed his wrists to her, wrists with deep bruises, wrists filled with cuts and wounds. As they stood they were surrounded by the cops and crowd.
Anoop told her the story, behind his own attempted suicide, as he described his ordeals, Leena listened with tears. Once he was done, he leaned forward, hugged her and consoled her saying, don’t worry things will be ok, just hold on in this testing times. Keep moving, life has a lot of beautiful moments in store for you. At that very moment, he raised her chin, brushed her hair and planted a kiss on her lips wet with tears. They kissed as the crowd cheered and whistled.
And Leena suddenly decided, she was not dying, she will live again, for she understood life was worth living after all. She just wanted to be listened, to be consoled, and to be loved and that is what Anoop did. And that little slice of kindness was all it took to save her life.

(This story was written for and was published on 9th April, 2015)