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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


If I am hungry, no matter weather the rotis are round, oval, square , triangular or the shape of amoeba, I would relish it to very core and thank God for the blessings he gave me.  if I am full, then even a roti dipped in ghee would taste bad . it depends on your need to how you treat your food served on your plate. If you are hungry, you will relish it. if you are not, you will find flaws.

There is a perception that girls who make round rotis can really excel as housewifes, I really have no idea about it. I won’t mind even if my wife doesn’t know cooking, we can learn it together. We can spend some great time learning cooking together in the kitchen. Well I can make round rotis but they are mostly burnt and taste like pappad.  My Dad makes perfectly shaped round rotis and my mother is an expert in making parathas. Together they have made me fat, feeding me tasty stuff for the past 23 years.

Once I was dating a girl, and I did ask her,” do you know how to make chapattis”. I didn’t ask her because I was interested to know about her culinary skills but because for the past two days, I was trying to make chapattis that are atleast eatable. So that I could have something for breakfast but everytime I ended up eating poha from a nearby pohewaala.
She laughed and said,” kaha yaar, once I entered into the kitchen and tried making them, Rotis to nai bani, Australia ka map ban gaya and my mother then banned my entry into the kitchen”.

Now just because, she said,” she doesn’t know how to make rotis, I won’t reject her neither would I stop dating her because she was fun to be with, I loved spending time with her,  and she was the most beautiful, hottest and sexiest woman I ever met in life.

Baaki maggi aur pasta khaake zindagi guzaar lenge…..Roti is not that important…we can eat bread instead….

Thjis post is with respect to the current topic on indispire," DO ROUND ROTIS TASTE BETTER THAN NON ROUND ONES ? #ROUND ROTI Posted by Shali jay

Sunday, 1 March 2015


It was all over, the droplets of her memories had vanished in the sunlight of Life. I was basking in the sun and the weather in my life was crystal clear.  I was recovering from the harshness of winter and her cold attitude towards my feelings. Everytime I wanted to talk, she always killed those feeling with her weird attitude and over thinking. We were dragging our friendship but everything reaches it saturation at one point of time. So did our dragging, the rope of our relation had become quite thin. I asked her , if I could move out of her life. She said, surely you can and saying this she cut the rope of our relation with her sharp words. I was not devasted but happy that a burden was lightened from my shoulders, for I had too many problems in life to deal with.

 Life was good and simple again, no fogs of winters, no rains of rainy season. The day was clear, for sunlight was warm. Although it burned my back at times but it didn’t matter much as long as there were no confusions. But then good times and great weather don’t last always, so was the case, she returned and this time with unexpected rain of words. Rain of words that continued for a whole night, one whole day making me drenched with guilt. I was shivering with agony,  droplets of her innocent accusations were dripping from all over my body.

I am shivering, its so cold around, I need her, I need to go back in her arms, for her hug has warmth, for in her arms there is intimacy.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

BADLAPUR - the protagonist becomes the antagonist and antagonist becomes the protagonist.

All was going so well, life so picture perfect;A great job, a beautiful wife and a cute son, simply fabulous. What else does anyone want. he had married the love of his life and they were so madly in love with each other.  They were so very much love that only death could separate them from each other and death did it one day when a bank robber who was running with his loot shot her wife and son dead. That devil didn’t kill his wife and son but they actually destroyed his whole world. He was shattered broken into pieces. A world so beautiful suddenly turned ugly, everything had turned upside down for him. He clinches his fist and tightens his jaws and walks out to seek revenge. By the time, he reaches the killer, the killer is sentenced  to 20 years rigorous imprisonment. He is devastated, he wished to kill the destroyer of his world with his own hands, torture him brutally to death but alas destiny had some other plans. He so very much wanted to kill but couldn’t,he was thirsty for blood and his soul seeked revenge.

And  from here the revenge saga unfolds, the brutally hurt protagonist finds the where abouts of the lady love of the antagonist who is a prostitute by profession and forcefully has sex with her.  from there he moves on to an isolated place and lives there all alone with the memories of his once picture perfect life, his beautiful wife and his cute kid. Dancing all alone with the ghosts of past, feeding his soul with hatred and violence for the man who made him a loner. For 15 years, he nourishes his soul with anger, hatred, violence and transforms himself into a beast ready to devour anyone who comes in his path. One day a social worker comes to his door to plead mercy for the man he loathed all this years. For the prisoner has cancer and has only I year to live, for even though he is a robber, he does have a family, a mother who wishes to see him before death happens to either of them. He asks her one single question,” if your child gets killed by someone and you get not his body but pieces left after postmortem, what would you do, will you forgive the killer of your child”. When the social worker says,” I don’t know”, he shows her the door and politely asks her to get out.

The same day, the mother of the robber comes and he slams the door on her face but when she says, Sir open the door, I know the name of my son’s partner who was also involved in that bank robbery. Hearing this, he welcomes her inside and treats her like his own mother . Once he gets to know the name, he sets out in search of the partner in crime of the killer. He traces him and finds him happily living with a beautiful wife. Angered by his bad luck and their good luck, he stalks them and intrude into their life. He first tortures them mentally and then one fine day, with a hammer hits hard on the head of the lady who had done no mistake and let her die a slow death, a slow and cruel death. May be her crime was she was the wife of a criminal. Then comes her husband and he sees his beloved wife lying on the floor whispering in pain, he starts lamenting , our protagonist cuts short his lament by hitting him hard with the same hammer on his face and repeating the act several times till the poor man is dead. To cover his heinous crime, he goes on an already pre-planned date with the social worker, the same woman who had came seeking mercy for the killer at her house. They get drunk and in that intoxicated state, he seduces her and has sex with her.

As the movie moves towards climax, the protagonist and the antagonist have a final faceoff, the protagonist proudly announces that how he killed his friend and his wife so brutally. The antagonist says, “I did kill your wife and children but that was a mistake of a second, a moment where I couldn’t control myself. I was really nervous and in that unfortunate moment, I pulled the trigger, I am a bad man and that is expected of me, you were a good man, how could you do this, you killed two innocent souls and that too so brutally. You are sick man,you have gone mad, get yourself treated  “. Saying this he walks away.

The antagonist who was now just few months to live, goes to the police station and takes up the blame of two murders done by the protagonist and goes to jail instead of him. For he wanted to give our protagonist a second chance, a chance to live, for he had killed the human in him 15 years ago.

So by the end of the movie, the protagonist becomes the antagonist and antagonist becomes the protagonist.

For the antagonist will die a peaceful death but our protagonist will live a life of hopelessness because now his revenge is over, what purpose is left in his life now.

Friday, 20 February 2015


Gandhiji  always paid a lot of attention on what he ate, for he believed what you eat will surely effect your psyche, your behavior. For he truly believed human should forbid eating flesh and one should be  a vegetarian to adopt a healthy living style. His general perception was when a man becomes vegetarian , he becomes more peace loving and non violent.  For he thought, flesh eating humans were more violent. He promoted vegetarianism throughout his life.

Everytime I read about his eating habits in my school text books, always a doubt used to arise in my mind that is eating flesh, so harmful and making me more violent. Is it the reason for my emotional outbursts, is it the reason why I cannot control my anger. This question always popped up in my mind, everytime I read something about our Father of the Nation.
Until yesterday, when I read in an article that the cruelest man In history of the world – Adolf hitler was a vegetarian and made laws against animal cruelty. This fact was enough for me to remove the cobwebs of confusion from my mind and I realized the truth of what Jesus once said, nothing that goes into you from outside can really make you unclean, because it does not go into your heart but into your stomach and then goes on out of the body. By saying this Jesus declared that all Foods are fit to be eaten.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


What is freedom of expression ? without the freedom to offend it ceases to exist- Salman Rushdie

One day someone offended me with some crude expletives, I felt bad. Like really bad, I replied him back with more crude expletives and the argument continued and we broke into a fight and it ended with me and him getting some bruises. I just thought, had he been taught good manners from his parents, he would never have offended me but then I looked into my own innerself, that if I had practiced forgiveness taught by my parents, I could have easily avoided a fight but then I was provoked and I fell into the temptation of reciprocating him. Ok this was on personal front, another example when i got offended was when the movie Da vinci code was released, being a christian, when I came to know that  da vinci code the film said that Jesus was a married man, I was bewildered and felt offended that how could some one say this. How could anyone say anything like that.  I must be 18 at that time, officially an adult in India. The movie was banned in many countries and I felt happy about it, that atleast people are aware of their religion, their faith. After around 5 years, when I turned 23, I watched that same movie on my laptop and I found it good, even though it was offensive from christian point of view but it did had an interesting story line. I liked the movie but no where did I get inspired from it and started believing that Jesus was married. It didn’t shake my faith at all. Why ? may be because, I was more mature now and tolerant to different thoughts and opinions but rooted to my faith. That’s my point, its not about being offended but the level of maturity you have. Things will not offend you unless you choose to get offended by them.

For the past few months, there has been a lot of hue and cry on the censorship culture of India. People demanding Ban on a intelligent film like PK,  A harmless comedy show organized by AIB criticized and hammered by people for being so offensive and perumal murugan being criticized for his book Madhorubhagan.  All this simply showcases the immaturity and  hypocrisy of our society, we cannot accept the hard truths of our life. We are too quick to judge others and we are a bit too quick to get offended. Why do we have to take too much load on what anyone says or does, did that someone point a gun at you and asked you to agree with him or her. No , then why do you all have to threaten him just because you didn’t like what he said. Its like killing someone just because you didn’t like the way he walked. Now people may say, express freely but without offending someone. Now its nearly next to impossible, when you freely express, surely some may get offended. You cannot keep everyone happy and that’s the basic truth of life. Its practically not possible to satisy everyone. So better let different opnions and thoughts pour in, let there be debates , let there be arguments, let there be minds who can express without fear. Afterall we are a democratic country and democracy doesn’t supports tyranny. To criticize someone because you disliked his or her thoughts is ok, but to demand a ban and forcing the work to be removed is unacceptable. Let different opinions and thoughts coexist because The more tolerant we become toward different thoughts, the more peaceful this world would become. 

In the end, i would sum it up with a great poem written by a great writer Rabindranath tagore

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake......

Jai Hind....Vande mataram


I woke up with a heavy head and the burden on it was too heavy. The burden of failure, the burden of being a loser, My head was spinning with pain and anxiety. Yesterday my much awaited results were announced and I again was declared fail, last time it was by a margin 0f 8 marks, this time I failed by a margin of 2 marks. So close yet so far. I could hear the sound of taunts and abuses from all sides, I could hear the echo of people insulting me and making a mockery of mine. I was humbled yet again, infact my self respect was beaten to death.  I had no one to talk to and I felt lonely, lonely like never before. Parents were gloomy and there faith in God was shaken to core, sister had gone to her  school. No one to talk to, I picked up my phone and then realized, last night I had broke-up with her., ending all ties. The feeling was terrible but then I woke up and opened the door and the beautiful morning came in.

As I went out and took some breathes, I could realize that the morning air was so blissful, so full of life. I sat on a chair lying in my garden and took some breathes of peace. I was getting calmer inside and then I heard a melodious sound- the chirping of birds. As I moved my eyes around, I could see birds flying around, sitting on trees, some birds were so light that they could sit on the petals of those wild flowers growing in my garden. I looked at them with joy and my lips gave a faint smile. The moment was wonderful.

I then looked up, on to the sky-  and there was emptiness, just emptiness. Just a vast sky.  Just a vast sky where anyone could fly, and the sky has no conditions. Conditions like only swans are allowed, parrots and crows are not allowed to fly. The sky is available to everyone, a swan or a crow. A beautiful bird or an ugly bird, the sky puts no conditions. Anyone can fly, he just needs to grow wings.

Perhaps it was a beautiful morning, why didn't i notice it before....

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Batman has just lost his Joker, Sherlock his Moriarty, India its Pakistan.....

So the worse team lost.
Without being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian, didn’t you, oh sons and daughters of Hindustan who #wontgiveitback, feel a twinge of disappointment even after vanquishing those chaps from next door? Let’s face it. You did hope that the 7 feet 1 inch Mohammad Irfan would break out of his circus cage and spread some early-overs terror at Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan. But Irfan turned out to be a cracker that never exploded.
 Sure, we want our batsmen to hit the ball around, something that wasn’t much on display today because hitting wasn’t really on the menu. Sure, we want them to rescue the team out of a chakravyuh. Which didn’t happen because this Pakistan bowling attack could have barely formed a ring-a ring-a roses circle if they wanted.
 What did happen was Kohli making the most of a half-chance dropped by Yasir Shah off Shahid Afridi when he was on 7. And then again when on 76 when Umar Akmal floored his snick that allowed Kohli to end his day at office with a steady 107. The kind of Pakistani bowling attack that India faced on Sunday — and the Indian batting that started the rather limp narrative — was not what deadly rivalries are made of. This was like watching Shakti Kapoor being a gentleman, Dale steyn bowling like Ishant Sharma.
 Yes, it is nice that going into the next game against South Africa next Sunday, India has received a much-needed booster-shot of confidence. Shikhar Dhawan remembers he is a batsman again. We (and, perhaps, Dhoni) were reminded of the fine stealth weapon that India possesses in the first real India fast bowler that Mohammad Shami is.
 But there is no doubt that Sunday’s game – feted as the biggest, phattest game “in the history of cricket” (Bret Lee’s pre-match description) received a beamer of a reality check. True, watching an India-Pakistan World Cup tie from 9 o’clock in the morning is significantly different from watching a real day-nighter where sundown brings its own weapons of support for the spectator.
 If the high point of an India-Pakistan match was the intense debate around Umar Akmal’s dismissal – initially the umpire had turned down Dhoni’s appeal for a caught-ehind off a Ravindra Jadeja turner, but gave him out after Dhoni went for a referral and the snickometer showed some phantom quiver that was apparently .024 on the Richter scale – India-Pakistan cricket rivalry stakes have gotta have plummeted significantly. Pakistan didn't show up any fight. There were lack of those thrilling and chilling moments. for every great hero, there needs to be a great villain.
 India won with a sigh. The match itself was a tepid bowl of daal. Methinks what we witnessed on Sunday was the end of the Big India-Pakistan Cricket Slag-Off. Batman has just lost his Joker, Sherlock his Moriarty, India its Pakistan. Hai.