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Sunday, 23 November 2014


When Sherin returned to the apartment , she shared with Maddy, she found him waiting for her. He was very drunk.

“You bitch”, he yelled. ” Where have you been all night? ”

It would not matter what she said. Maddy knew that he was going to listen to her apologies, beat her up, then take her to Bed and forgive her.

But instead of apologizing Sherin said,” With another Man, Maddy. I have come up to pick up my things.”

And as Maddy watched her in disbelief, Sherin went into the bedroom and began to pack.

“For Christ sake, Sherin,” he pleaded. “ Don’t do this! We love each other. We are going to get married.” He talked to her for the next half hour, arguing, threatening, cajoling and by that time Sherin had finished packing. 

She left the apartment and Maddy had no idea why he had lost her, for he did not know that he had never possessed her.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


That night I felt so troubled, so desperate. She was online but was not replying to my texts. I didn’t understand why, what wrong had I done  to her. I was always good to her, always eager to listen to her, to talk to her. What mistake had I commited that she was ignoring me like this. For the past few days, she was torturing me by her negligence and I don’t care a damn about you!!!! Attitude. We were great friends who used to sing songs for each other, who used to share there problems with each other. But suddenly now everything seemed to non exist. For me enough was enough, I was controlling my tears but I could not do it anymore and gave out a loud cry. I started sobbing thinking of her. I didn’t knew what to do, whom do I turn for help. That’s when I felt a hand on my shoulders, I looked to my right and saw my Lord sitting beside me. I felt immense peace in his presence.

He asked,” how are you my friend, hope you are doing well”.

I said,” I am lost Jesus, I am lost. I am tired of being good. I am emotionally exhausted and my heart has become bitter with bad experiences”.

He said,” why do you say, you are lost, don’t you trust me…don’t you have faith, …just walk on the path I showed you”.

I said,” I will for sure Lord. I will try my best”.

He smiled and said,” So she is not replying back”.

I looked at him surprised and asked him,”how did you know that I am going through something like this”.

He said,” I know it…I know everything about you…Nothing is hidden from me”.

I said,” ohhh… what should I do now…she is not replying back”.

He said,” don’t text her from now. Distant yourself from her”.

I said,” but what if I lose her”.

He said,” you won’t , if she values you she would come back seeking you. If she doesn’t , she won’t and I don’t think, you need someone who does not value you”.

I said,” but didn’t you say, love those who hurt you”.

He said,” yes I did but not like this. If you continue in the same way as you are doing now, one day,rather than loving her you will start hating her, do you want that to happen”.

I said,” of course not”.

He said,” then do as I say, forgive her for what she did and keep her in your prayers but no more texting her or calling her”.

I said,” ok done”.

He asked,” well do you love her”.

I said,” no, not at all. Just friends…we are just good friends”.

He laughed and said,” well I need to go now…Good night…sweet dreams…..take good care of yourself….”

The next thing I remembered was waking up from a deep slumber……but I knew, he was here…he had given a solution to my problem. There were no burdens heaviness in my mind.....

Saturday, 15 November 2014


One morning Sherin got a call from her bestie, that jolted her,” hey, you know what, Maddy is in town, he is here for some work”.
She put down the call, feeling foolishly vulnerable. Madhavan Jacob….whom she lovingly called Maddy had been such an important part of her life. What would have happened if I hadn’t left him?. She thought

Sherin sat  at her desk, smiling tremulously, thinking of the good old memories she had with him. Maddy was one of the dearest men she had ever known. Just the memory of him made her feel warmed and loved. And he was here in Town. I have to see him, she thought. Her friend had told her, he was staying at some hotel named Blue diamonds.

Sherin dialed the number of the hotel, and her fingers were trembling. She had a feeling that the past was about to become the present. She found herself thrilled at the thought of seeing Maddy. What will he say, when he hears my voice? When he sees me again ?.
The operator was saying.” Good morning, Hotel Blue diamonds”.
Sherin took a deep breath. ‘Maddy…I mean  Mr Madhavan jacob please.’
I am sorry, Mam. Did you say Mr or Mrs Mathew Jacob?
Shein felt as though she had been struck. What a fool I am. Why didn’t I think of that? Of course he would be married by now.
The receiver end said, “Madam….you there….”
‘I….Never mind. Thank you.’ She disconnected the call.

She was lost in her thoughts now…

I’m too late. It’s over. Let the past remain the past. Loneliness can be corrosive, eating away the spirit. Everyone needs to share joy and glory and pain. Sherin was living in the world full of strangers, watching the happiness of other couples, hearing the echo of the laughter of lovers. But she refused to feel sorry for herself.

I am not the only woman in the world who is alone. I AM


Thursday, 13 November 2014


What makes Chetan bhagat popular ?

1.Because he is the writer of the masses….just like Directors like Rohit shetty make massy films for the aam janta…he writes massy books which caters to a large number of audience.

2. His stories are simple with less complications and he glorifies one or two cities in every book and adds the local flavor of those cities in his book. For eg. In 3 mistakes of my life, he glorified ahmedabad and in two states, he spoke about Punjab and Chennai, in Revolution 2020 he glorified benaras.

3. His book will also contain a romantic angle like we have in bollywood films and to spice up the romance, he garnishes Romance with some sex.

4. His vocabulary is simple and his English is understandable to almost everyone who just have surface knowledge of English. That’s why his novels are very much preferable to beginners.

5. His book will contain a lot of drama, something that we Indians like a lot.
6. And also his book does have some humour too.

Now that he is a brand , even if someone writes crap, his book would still sell and go on to become a bestseller……

Well what young writers need to do to make a name for themselves ?

1      1. First and foremost…never try to copy anyone…you are what you are…write original stuff….

2       2.Write what you feel…what you think..not  what People want you to…never get influenced by market forces.
3       3. Trust your intuitions…..write for yourself….what pleases you…don’t write to please others but to please the writer in you…WRITE TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS…Stick to your talent..
4      4. Keep improving yourself each day…keep reading good books…travel around…observe people….keep collecting new ideas and keep writing something or the other.
5     5. Last but not the least,Forget about getting the same recognition as Chetan bhagat did…just do your karma…Remember you are not chetan bhagat, both of you are born with different destinies…..Be yourself…either you would end up with no fame no recognition but it would'nt matter because you were satisfied with your work or the best thing that can happen is you may become someone Bigger than Chetan bhagat….more money…more fame……who knows what lies in the womb of future….Have faith in God…be positive.

And Remember Chetan bhagat is a popular writer not the best writer…he is an icon for sure but not a legend…..So try to be the best…strive hard to be a LEGEND…God bless you all….

This post was in response to the topic posted on Indispire,” what makes Chetan bhagat so popular? What do the other lesser known talented writers need to do, to get the same recognition ? #5pointagenda posted by Dr Ryan fernandes….thank you Sir for posting this thought provoking topic.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I have decided
to do something,
my plan may be grand,
or just barely stand,
I may help the planet,
Or just one person on it,
I may be a success,
Or learn from my mess,
But I have decided ,
To do something,

I have decided,
To do something,
I may run with the breeze,
Or crawl on my knees,
I may be applauded,
Or go unrewarded,
I will do all that it takes,
And I will make mistakes,
But I have decided,

 To do something….

Saturday, 8 November 2014


I, My friend and his girlfriend were having dinner together. Me and my friend were having Chicken and Rice but his girlfriend was a vegetarian so she had ordered herself butter Paneer along with rice. While eating, she asked this chicken comes from which animal. My friend had told me that she was a bit dumb but her question defined new levels of dumbness. I Started laughing which made her feel offended. She defended herself and said that because she is a vegetarian she has no knowledge about what is chicken.  My friend signaled me to stop laughing, so I stopped, he then explained her that chicken came from a bird . She then pointed towards my plate and asked, The chicken you are eating, is it a male or female ?. I was shocked and would have burst laughing if it was not for my friend. I didn’t want to hurt his lady love. So with a serious face I said, “ It’s a Hijra chicken, its neither a male nor a female, because male chickens are used as alarm clocks in villages and Females are used for laying eggs. The middle ones, i.e the hijras are of no use, so they are used to make chicken curry”.

I thought she would understand that actually I am making fun of her but to my surprise she believed me . She said,” ok” and got busy eating her dinner of butter paneer and rice. Me and my friend were staring at each other with our mouth wide open. We somehow controlled our emotions and burst into laughter when she went to the washroom……

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Two days ago, I was at a local vegetable market to buy some vegetable and Fruits. As me and my Mom entered the place, my eyes met with a girl, she was constantly staring at me. I instantly recognized her, she was a girl from my colony. I didn’t know where she lived but I did see her a couple of times here and there moving around with her friends. She did have this habit of constantly staring at me. I was always confused about why she did so, as there can be only two reasons either I looked like a joker or she found me sexually attractive. Now the first reason cannot be true because she never laughed looking at me. She always had this serious frown on her face. If she was an ordinary looking girl, I would have simply ignored her staring at me but she was very sexy, she had this wheatish complexion, great pair of eyes, kissable lips and I always saw her hairs tied in a pony tail. The best part was she had a great figure, wowww….Great pair of breasts,  sexy waist, round hips and great thighs…what else is needed…woooo and when such a girl stares at you, you simply cannot resist.

Ok so coming back to the market scene, she was accompanied with a lady, I didn’t understand if it was her mother or elder sister but then who cares. I kept my eyes on her until she was lost in the crowd. I buyed some vegetables, and then headed towards the fruit section. I went to buy some apples and there she came again and stood beside me…ooooolaaaaalllllaaaaaaaaaaaa…..Her smell was quite intoxicating. By now I had lost control on my self,I ogled at her. She turned her face towards me and looked at me. She pushed her hairs aside and went and stood a bit away from me.

I didn’t knew what to do, how do I decide what’s going on in her mind. If she is interested in me, it would be great to get laid with her. I actually started dreaming having sex with her and got an erection. In midst of so many people, I was standing there with an erect dick. I started thinking that what’s the way to find out what’s going on in her mind. My Devilish brain popped up an idea. The idea was the next time she stares, I would wave my mind, smile and whisper  a hiiii. If she is interested, she would smile back or either blush . If she is not interested, she would simply ignore. In both the cases, I was prepared. 

I buyed some grapes and then headed towards the parking area. As I was taking out my vehicle, I saw her again. She was walking towards my direction. I just put my Bike on stand and got ready to execute my plan. As she crossed me, she gave me a stare and I smiled at her and waved her a hii. Her reaction was the least I expected and the worst that I could ever get. I was not prepared for it. She neither smiled nor did she blush neither did she ignore me. She gave me a stare….an unfriendly stare..a stare with deadly expression as if I touched her boobs without her permission. She gave me a dirty look and whispered something to her mother/elder sister. Her elder sister/mother turned back and gave me weird look. I stood there as if nothing happened. But actually a lot of things happened, my tower that was standing so tall came crashing down because of the earthquake that just occurred in the epicenter of my mind. I felt sick in my stomach and started imagining the worst of scenarios.  My Mother slapping me, my father kicking me out of the house and I began sentenced to jail for eve teasing a girl. Erotic dreams turned into horrific dreams. What idiotic situation, I had put myself into. I felt like an idiot, a jerk, a pervert. I was boiling with anger at the same time and I felt like punching her face for giving me those erotic dreams and then destroying them so brutally. I sadly went back home, had my dinner, and slept. 

I woke up next day and as a daily routine went for jogging, I saw her again standing at the bus stop waiting for her college bus. This time again she looked at me with those beautiful eyes…aaah even in her college uniform her figure was quite tempting but I was prepared .