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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

And then he kissed her forehead with his past.....

I was watching Justice league: crisis on two earths few days ago and there was a romantic scene in it though animated movie it is, but yes there is a romantic scene in it, that made a lot of sense.

After a life threatening attack on her , The daughter of President of United states of America is on her way back home in a car with martian manhunter. She is looking at him with admiration, for he is the man who has just saved her life some moments ago. She has secretly fallen in love with him, for he had saved her several times and he could read her mind and know the deepest thoughts hidden within. As they look at each other, she comes forward and moves her lips closer to his. He is quite surprised and asks her, what is she trying to do, she blushes and says, may be just trying to kiss you. He said,no you cannot do that, she asks why not. There are some important things to do, he said and saying this he touched his forehead with her forehead and together they entered into each other’s memory lane.together they travelled back to time, She travelled into his past and he travelled into her past. They visited each others moments of joy, moments they cried,  there sufferings,  there fears, there love,their hate, there anger, there very own life lay naked before their eyes, there souls knew each other. They were no more strangers but it was as if they knew each other for years. As they came back in the present moment, It felt magical and the feeling of love grew intense…….and then they did kiss but at the end of the movie………

It made sense to me…hope it made to you too…hello to you…the one who is reading it…

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Some three years ago, I saw a profile picture of a girl on facebook,  I liked her instantly for her cute smile and her loving innocence that was their on her face. Though I was in a relationship at that time, somewhere this girl found a place in my mind.  I send her a friend request which she accepted because we had a lot of friends in common. We hadn’t ever met though, for 3 years I followed her posts and just loved them. Her posts were quite funny and her profile pictures quite refreshing and joyful to look at. She crossed my mind everyday, but then I never knew how to express my likeness to her and to tell a girl whom you have never met that you like her would have been an insane thing to do. She would have treated me like another insane idiot who keeps spaming her with I love u messages. I got to see her during various retreats and social gatherings but could never talk because I always felt the time was not right and my instincts always asked me to stay away from her and moreover she was always surrounded with friends dancing, singing, laughing and giggling. She was always the centre of attraction wherever she went. Though we did see each other but never passed a smile for unknown reasons.  After all his years, I met her again in a retreat and I don’t know why, things were different this time, I didn’t knew what was happening but we looked at each other several times and for a change smiled too. I didn’t knew what was happening but that evening was quite different. Everything around was so positive, during the tea session, she came to me and initiated a conversation. I was like wow, my heart was dancing, my emotions were clapping though I behaved as if am sober and sound, unaffected by her presence.  She was looking beautiful, extremely gorgeous, hairs combed to perfection, her white earrings, her top, her sexy pyjama and ofcourse her million dollar smile. I sketched her picture in my mind as we exchanged our mobile numbers. Before she left, she shook hands with me and said, it was pleasure meeting me, I took her soft hands in mine caressed them and said, it was a pleasure meeting you too. After several hookups, I felt I had met my true love finally. As we began talking, I realized she was no more the cheerful and bubbly I assumed to be, she had deep wounds in her heart. She kept smiling, that million dollar smile had become inseparable from her face because it had been a long time since she cried. For she was slowly turning herself into a beautiful stone, her lover had betrayed her and betrayals are painful. I knew it and could very well understand it. Though there were days when we talked for long hours but she rarely shared her personal life with me. There was a invisible wall around her heart and I needed to break it to make a place, to conquer it. i will hug her, make her cry on my shoulders and things would be right….i know…I believe.. but my past is my only fear….for a breakup effected her so much but I have became immune to breakups….some months ago…..

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Near the grotto of Mother Mary,
I saw her, her eyes closed,
Lips whispering some prayers,
I kept looking at her,
observing her beauty,
from a safe distance,
without coming in between,
her and God almighty
As she opened her eyes,
Our eyes met and we smiled,
We were meeting after one long year,
Though we acted strangers,
Before the world around us,
There was love happening,
Between us,
There was intimacy brewing,
Between us……

Thursday, 12 November 2015


The Priest asked, ”Son, any new resolution this year”
I said” father, driving with helmet and in first gear”’
“that’s good, my son, but have you any more?”
“ Sure, there are ten, but I shall keep only four”.
The first will be never to wipe, the shoe behind my pant
The second will be to say without hesitation, “ I can’t”’,
The third is to always keep the toothpaste cap on
Its something which I never did since I was born.
The fourth, never to look at your neighbour’s hedge,
It’s that what has brought the envy and the wedge,
The fifth is easy and you can have a ball,
Never take from Peter what you have to pay for Paul.
The sixth is to hold my head high even under water
Learn simple things of life from the potter,
He moulds wonders out of his two hands
Leaving impression forever on the sands

Saturday, 7 November 2015


 The winner stands alone written by Paulo Coehlo  is one such novel that keeps me hooked when I read it. I got this novel an year ago and then I started reading it, it was one of the most mysterious tales I ever read, the way the antagonist goes on killing his victims was a interesting tale in itself. After two murders happened, I lost this book. I really felt restless for a few days and searched it all over my house but my efforts went in vain. Everytime I spotted it in a bookstore, I won’t have enough cash to buy it. once I saw a girl reading it, but she was a stranger, so could’nt ask her. but today as I was issuing some books for myself, I found it again, the tale I had forgotten found its way back into my life again. A tale I had forgotten long ago. The half read tale would be read now and the fate of the antagonist would be known…yippeeeee…