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Saturday, 28 March 2015


My life was going through a fucking phase,  I was struggling in life with no plans for future. My mind had become blank  and had stopped working. I was a 23 year who was jobless still thriving on the money of his parents. I was going through the toughest phase of my life, life was no more a joke and bitter realities of life had began to hit me .My post graduation degree had become useless because of my overall low percentile. Everytime I used to walk in for an interview, they would shoo me away for my marks were not upto the mark. Never did I feel so rejected and dejected in my life, I felt like a useless shit who was rotting away giving away bad odour to his near and dear ones.

It was in those bad times that I came upon an ad, a reputed university had opened admissions for its two year MBA programme and had asked the interested students to send in their applications. I was quite excited after reading it, for they had 100% placement records. Just two years of MBA and I would be having a job for myself, yuhoo. The whole prospect excited me until I checked the fees. 8 lakhs per year along with hostel and other allowances, that made it a whopping 10 lakhs per annum. That was a huge amount and if I asked my parents for it, they will surely kick my butt. They would say, “ saale ek to padhai ho nai rai tujhse, ab tujphe 20 lakh rupaye aur lootaye, bhag”. I had no option but to let this desire of doing an MBA . Ufff……even my parents had lost trust in me.

That same evening, I met my girlfriend, she was the only relief in my life. Even she was fed up, for what a worthless boyfriend she had. But like me even she had some amount of faith in my abilities.

As I was sitting there with her teasing her by pulling her hair band, an idea struck me.

I asked her, what does your dad do ? , she was quite surprised by my question.

She answered,” he is a deputy director at deloitte.”

 I asked her,” so you people must be really rich”.

She gave me a bewildered look and said,” ya sort of, why you asking all this”.

 I ignored her question and asked her, “ you are a single child too”.

She was furious by now, yes ofcourse I am a single child, now will you tell me ” whats the matter with you and why are you asking such questions”.

I thought for a while and with a thoughtful look asked her,” well if I marry you now, how much dowry would I get from your parents.”

 She looked at me amused,” you dog, from where do you get this shitty ideas”.

 I said, “ I am serious re, ask your dad to pay my fees, sirf 20 lakhs rupees only, tujhe poori life khush rakhunga…..main, tu aur hamare bache…bas 20 lakhs aur apni life set hai re”.

She laughed,” chal bey…paagal…ek laat di na abhi…ek main mil rai hu na..vaise bhi tere league se bahaar ki ladki mil rai hai tujhe…khush reh usme”.

I was furious,” kya kaha league se bahaar” and I glared at her.

She said,” chal ab look mat de, rishta leke aa fir baat karenge”.

I was hopeful now,”rishta leke aaunga to 20 lakh mil jayenge kya”. I asked her.

She said,” nai mera baap 20 laat dega tujhe” and saying this she  started laughing and her laughter echoed all over the place.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


I know India lost the match and the dream of winning back to back world cups has been shattered. Many Indians like me would be going through the same phase, very difficult to gulp down the fact that we lost the match .But there were moments, I really felt that we could win the match.
When umesh yadav took the wicket of David warner in the 4th over itself, I felt Its India all the way again. 

When shami bowled some beautiful deliveries, I felt its India all the way.

When Ashwin caught out Maxwell and Umesh yadav removed Aaron finch in quick succession, I felt it was India all the way.

When Mohit Sharma removed Clarke, I felt it was India all the way.

When we were fielding so well, saving boundaries and diving and stopping every ball that was going past them, I felt it was India all the way.

When Rohit Sharma hooked Johnson for a six and Shikhar dhawan was hitting Faulkner for fours and sixes, I felt it was India all the way.

When Rohit was still batting, I felt it was India all the way.

When Rahane and Dhoni were struggling adding runs at a tortoise pace, I still felt it was India all the way.

When Dhoni hit Watson for two consecutive sixes, I still had hope that It was India all the way.

But as Dhoni fell down, all hopes of me and billions of Indians came crashing down. for our lone warrior had fallen down fighting and then there was just nothing left.

Neither Dhoni is invincible nor is Kohli, Neither team India is invincible. We all have our share of bad days and this was one of them. Kudos to our team who played so well to reach the semi finals defeating some of the best teams of the world, THANK YOU TEAM INDIA FOR A MEMORABLE WORLD CUP.  We didn’t give it back so easily, we lived up to the reputation of Defending champions and lost to the best side of the world.

Even though this loss is painful but its ok, wins and losses are part and parcel of Game and I accept that my team lost, hard truth but cannot be changed. Let me control my tears for now……

Will bleed blue till the last breathe of my life...

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Back in 2003, that was the first world cup for me where with my own eyes, I saw India getting into the finals under the great captaincy of Indian legend Sourav ganguly. I was just 12 years at that time and was another cricket crazy boy of a cricket crazy nation. Our neighbourhood was filled with boys who were just like me- Crazy for cricket, crazy to see India win in every match. For all of us, the uncles, the aunties, all my neigbhours, my friends it was a glorious moment, a match that was highly anticipated. For India had reached the finals of an ICC world cup after 20 years. We all wanted Dada and company to repeat  what kapil dev and company did in 1983. We were all hoping for another world cup, another win, another era of glory. Hopes were high and stakes had gone up.

I still remember that day, all my relatives were sitting at my house before the match and all were highly excited about it.  There was fear too because the opponent was none other than Australia, the number one team in the cricketing world, very aggressive, known to destroy its opponents. The only time and the only team India lost against this world cup, was it was against Australia. And they were back again to haunt us, standing between us and that priceless world cup.

Zaheer khan came to bowl for the first over and the first ball he bowled was a huge wide and From there on, it was down slide for India. Never did a moment come where I saw India dominating the match. It was Australia leading all the way. As Australian batsman thrashed the Indian bowlers and went on to post a huge score of 359. There itself, my uncle said,” son we are going to loss the match, we don’t have the capacity to chase this many runs”. His statement broke my heart but I still had hopes alive, for our batting had batting legends Sachin tendulkar, Rahul dravid, Sourav ganguly and Virendar sehwag. As the Indian innings began, I still had my hopes alive but then as wickets began to fell, my heart sank. With every wicket, my heart swelled with sadness. India lost the match and I cried a lot that day, like millions did tha day. That defeat broke my heart.

Times change for sure and then India defeated Australia in 2007 T20 world cup semifinal  and that was a proud moment for me. the winning streak continued in 2011 too as India defeated Australia in 2011 world cup quarter final. I still remember that moment where Yuvraj singh hit the winning runs and roared in middle of the pitch and cried with happiness. I won’t forget that moment….ever and from then on India went on to defeat sri lanka in the finals to win their second world cup after 28 long years. That was one of the most joyous moments of life to see my country lift the world cup in front of my very own eyes.

Today is 26th march. India and Australia are set for an epic semifinal clash, all eyes of the world will be on this two teams. May the best team win and may that team be India, for my heart cheers for India. My heart goes with India….INDIA INDIA INDIA…..fingers crossed……just want to see India in the finals….and lift the world cup again…..Victory is a must...we need it...we want it...we so desperately need it...

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I was not following the Australia-pakistan quarter final match, as I rarely see cricket matches where India is not playing. For me Cricket is about India and supporting India. I would ask the scores in between or check it on my facebook newsfeed.  After sometime as I checked in facebook, there was this page of ICC cricket world cup which had posted something new and the post said, Wahab Riaz and Shane Watson into some fierce battle. I was quite excited by what was written, but because I was in my college I couldn’t view the battle live.

By the time I had reached Home,  it was known to everyone that Pakistan was out of the world cup after a 6 wicket defeat from Australia. I was like ok, this was expected but what I wanted to see was what actually perspired between Wahab and Watson. I opened my facebook account and checked the page of ICC Cricket council. There they had put up a video which said Fiery spell by Wahab riaz. As I clicked the video and within few seconds, I was about to witness the most memorable moments of world cup and the most destructive pace bowling in recent times.

Wahab was charging in, his run up, his eyes were emitting fire and his body language was oozing confidence. A series of unplayable short pitch deliveries that created ripples in the Australian batting order. David warner became his first victim as he played an upper square cut to third man for an easy catch. The second victim was Michael Clarke, who again stumbled at a raging short pitch ball aimed at his body. The best was yet to come as Watson took Guard, Wahab was on fire and he welcomed Watson with a short pitch delivery, as Watson dodged it, wahab came running towards him clapping his hands. Then came another ball. A fiery fast bouncer that hit Watson’s Helmet, as Watson stood their stunned, Wahab blew a flying kiss at him. I never saw Watson saw helpless ever in my life, he was jumping around the fire set by wahab. The whole atmosphere was charged up and audience was watching the battle with bated breathe.  Wahab bowled another delivery, that went past Watson like a rocket and was bowled at a speed of 150kmph.  Wahab went to Watson and taunted him, “ you came with a bat but you are batting as if you don’t have one”. Wahab had electrified the whole atmosphere, as he was giving aussies a taste of their own medicine. He clapped and taunted his way to become one of the best memories of ICC World cup 2015.

The fury of wahab was unleashed by starc and Watson himself as Wahab was batting in the 39th over of Pakistan innings, they sledged wahab and puked Fun at him. Wahab remained silent there but was determined to teach the aussies a lesson and this whole incident gave birth to one of the most fiery spells in the history of cricket. Kudos wahab, for your passion and never say die attitude.

The fury of Wahab continued till Watson was dropped when he was at just 4 runs by Rahat ali, there it ended, Rahat ali didn’t drop the catch, he had dropped the whole match. That was curtains for Pakistan and a whole spell filled with Fury and passion was wasted. Wahab deserved a better fielding unit, for if he had the support from his fielders, he would have won the match for Pakistan.  I am not a fan of Pakistan, for my heart, my soul always shout India India but Wahab has got a new fan now, I will remain his fan for the rest of my life for this superb spell he bowled in the quarter final, as I remain a fan of rohit Sharma for his 264 run knock against srilanka.

Pakistan lost the match but their lone warrior Wahab riaz won the hearts of cricket fans all over the globe. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015



If you ask me about those simple things that make me happy, then there are certain things that do bring a smile on my face.

1. Sleep makes me happy, When i get to sleep for hours without the fear of being woken up by the pressure of going to college or somewhere or the fear of completing work,When I get extra two hours of sleep when I wake up in the morning. My mind rejoices in abundance.

2. Jogging makes me happy, when I complete my planned sets of rounds of the 400m round track, it makes me happy when I see the whole me profusely sweating. The inner me says, that yes mission has been accomplished.

3. Taking a shower makes me happy, for it makes me clean and when cold water droplets fall on my dull, dirty and tired body, they charge it up with freshness.  A good bath removes dullness from me and makes me a clean man.

4. Good food makes me happy, as I come out of the bathroom and I see good food being served on the dining table, it makes me happy for I get yummy food to eat and that too for free from the most talented cook of the world, my mother.  Parathas, upma, idli, dosa, poha,  idiappam, appam, she makes everything so tasty, that I cannot stop gorging.

5. Listening to great music makes me happy, listening to those melodious songs that soothe my soul. Those romantic tracks that make you fall in love with your life. Sonn gs that express my mood so well are so pleasing to my ears. Great music is such a mood lifter. I just love that song by Gajendra verma, “ Tujhse door jo hota hu”.

6. Driving makes me happy, everytime I sit on my bike to go to my college or to meet my friends. I feel like  a king talking to the breeze . Everytime I drive, its like playing a video game, objects and people coming your way and you dodging them, accelerating and decreasing your speed at will. The whole process is so wonderful.

7. Playing games on my laptop makes me happy.  IGI covert strike is my favorite game, so is EA cricket and smack down, its fun to kill people with the most advanced weapons, thrash Bowlers with sixes and fours and beating the hell out of your opponent wrestler. No tension, free of stress and playing my favorite games at will. Wowww.

8. Chatting with someone makes me happy, meaningful conversations that give me new ideas, stupid conversations that make me laugh, romantic conversations that make me fall in love with someone. Conversations bring smiles on my face.

9. Eating parle-g with tea makes me happy. It’s the most wonderful combination , I just enjoy dipping parle-g into tea and eating it. There is different taste that makes my tongue crave for it. I am a tea addict, I am a parle-g addict.

10. Intimacy makes me happy. Kisses and hugs are the most wonderful things to happen between two human beings and they do bring a smile on my face.

11. Spending time with friends make me happy, doing anything from roaming aimlessly on roads to travelling to different places, from talking continuosly on career, dating and relationships to about how hot that girl looks, it all makes me happy. With friends, its amazing anything I do, for they love me, I love them.

12. Writing blogs make me happy and getting views, comments and votes on them makes me more happy.

13. Getting compliments make me happy, compliments on anything. Oh dude, you write so well, oh you looking handsome today, that shirt is looking so good on you, you smell good, oh you sing so well, each and every word that makes me feel good about myself makes me happy.

14. Singing makes me happy,singing in my bathroom is a reliever and singing in the choir  in my church during the holy mass strengthens my vocals, makes me grow spiritually and brings me closer to God. Singing hymns of God soothes my soul and I stay in bliss for a whole week.

15. Getting an unexpected call , an unexpected message from a dear friend makes me happy.

16. Seeing old couples smiling together makes me happy. It strengthens my belief in love.

17. Seeing a baby laugh and giggle makes me happy. When a baby comes and touches my face, feels my beard with curiosity. My joy has no bounds. I feel blessed when I make a baby sleep on my shoulders.

18. I feel happy when I see a baby trying to walk, taking a few steps and then falling again, again rising up and trying to walk.

19. I feel happy when I get clicked with my friends and the picture comes out to be really good.   I feel happy when I go through all those old pictures, those old memories where I am so happy, smiling with my friends. Going down the memory lane and visiting the glorious moments of the past is just mesmerizing.

20. I feel  happy when I revisit my school and meet my teachers who taught me during my childhood and teens.

21. I feel happy when the weather is good, when there is cool breeze during a hot day and sunlight during a chilly morning. I feel happy when I experience the first rains , I feel happy when I wake up early morning and go for a walk to see the sun rise to glory.

22. I feel happy when I spend money for my dear ones and see a smile on their face.

23. I feel happy when I give alms to the poor.

24. I feel happy when I spend money on myself. When I buy tshirts, shirts, jeans, pants, shoes, deodorants, food for my own self, It makes me happy.

25. I feel happy when I get a new haircut and it looks sexy on me.

26. I feel happy when teacher says get out during a boring lecture.

27. I feel happy when my mother hugs me and when my father tells me tales of his childhood.

28. I feel happy when I gain weight in winters and lose weight in summers.

29. I feel happy when I pray and when I meditate to the supreme soul.

30. I feel happy when I learn something new, may be a new word, a new song, a new dance step, a new fact…anything.

31. I feel happy when I get a new book to read, when I find an interesting blog, an interesting article.

32. Seeing a beautiful place, a beautiful flower, a beautiful woman makes me happy.

33. Eating food after long hours of hunger makes me happy, drinking water after longs hours of thirst makes me happy.

34. Watching cricket and seeing India win makes me happy, especially when the win comes with a six hit by Dhoni.

For things that make me happy, the list is endless. I will not get tired writing them but I doubt you may get tired reading them. For me happiness is a state of bliss and peace, where your smile is spontaneous and you feel like the King of the world.

35. And last but not the least Eating Pizza with friends along with a glass of coke makes me happy….

 God bless you all…stay happy…stay blessed.

Friday, 20 March 2015


He was a Farmer hugely burdened by debts of lakhs of rupees, crop failures had broken the financial backbone of the family. Being the sole earning member of the family, he always felt humiliated for  being not able to fulfil even the basic needs of his dear ones. He cried at times, he wept at times but no one saw his tears. There was no one to help him, for his friends were like him, poor farmers, some of whom had commited suicides. He had 4 bhigaas of land, he sowed wheat with lots of hope. After a few months, the harvest was ready and when the grown wheat bloomed in the air, his mind was filled with joy as now all his problems would end. Happiness was about to knock his doors and his soul danced with joy.  After some days, he will gather his hard work and sell it to buy relief from all his problems.

But just two days before harvest, the unexpected happened, the sky opened itself and poured out heavy rains.  The rains were accompanied by hail and as they fell on his field, They crushed his hopes as the unexpected rains destroyed his crops .  He was devastated, how just some hours ago, he had pinned all his hopes on this harvest and how nothing was left for him. For before him was lying his 4 bhigaas of land in which he saw his hard work being brutally destroyed by cruel nature. His hard work went in vain, his hope turned into despair and his dreams into nightmares.

He took a bus and went to the capital to narrate this tragedy to the chief minister of the state, for in him were pinned all his hopes. The chief minister was a good man, for he had heard, that he was generous with farmers and was always eager to hear their troubles. The chief minister was in the capital to address a rally of farmers, for there were several farmers like him who too had lost their crops due to rain and hail. The chief minister was late by few hours,but he waited for his savior tolerating the pangs of hunger and thirst,  he saw a lot of hues and cries around him. His fellow men were lamenting, beating their chest in sorrow. His head was spinning as he saw all this, his mind had become weak so was his body, troubles had bend his back and weakened his bones.

His mind started thinking, what if the chief minister doesn’t come, what if doesn’t hears me, what if he asks his guards to throw me away, how will I show my face to my family, all this thoughts attacked his mind until he fell down unconscious. There itself his soul left him and he was declared dead. Panic went through the nerves of all government officials as they took his dead body away and buried the matter. The chief minister came,addressed the rally and went away, he didn’t even knew, a poor soul had died waiting for him.

Life was so cruel with this man and I always thought, sufferings always existed for me and I am the most troubled soul in this whole world. God bless his soul and may be the troubles of our farmers cease to exist…..i hope…..